Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Again

William is finally back to his normal smiley, feisty self.

It started at the end of November. He wasn't sleeping well, he cried/screamed/hit me/threw things at me all of the time. And he ONLY wanted to be with his Dad. No joke, he would yell if Matt even tried to hand him off to me. I took him to the Dr., hoping he would give me some diagnosis that could be cured with medicine. He didn't. He basically told me that Will was just teething, going through a phase and would probably snap out of it. I wasn't exactly thrilled. To be honest I wanted them to tell me something was wrong other than he was just bratty. Maybe an easily medicated ear infection....? I didn't think that was too much to ask.

So we went through all of last month with a very unhappy William. Christmas in California was great, other than Will. It was on the verge of being embarrassing with how awful he was. I wasn't able to get a whole lot done in December other than Christmas, working and holding Will. And I didn't do anything well. William and my semi-sanity was priority.

On December 30 I decided to take him back to the Dr. He was coughing by then and I thought, what the heck, at least if I take him in and there is nothing wrong with him I can let him scream through the night and not feel horribly guilty. I was relieved to be told that the Dr. thought he had the flu, a bad viral ear infection and was on his way to having croup. But because he didn't have any fevers he was pretty sure he didn't have anything bacterial to give him antibiotic for. I happily bought the $60 tamiflu and $10 steroid. After 5 days of the expensive medication he was still not better. So I called the Dr. Apparently the flu tests they took came back negative and he prescribed an antibiotic. One day later we were blessed with a smiling William.

I'm at so happy to have him back. I was convinced that he was just a horrible child and I was not looking forward to the next couple of years. He no longer follows me around yelling at me, he will actually sit next to me or let me hold him if his Dad is in the room, (although he definitely prefers Matt) and he isn't hitting me as often. Which what exactly am I supposed to do about the hitting? We've never had this problem before.
I feel bad that he was in pain that long. Poor kid.

So now I might find time to catch up on this blog.