Friday, March 14, 2008

Soda Fiend

Margaret loves soda. Any type she can get she is happy with. Actually I suppose it is anything with a straw in a big cup. She managed to steal mine at the park and ran off with it. She thought she was hiding from me behind the "bank".

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another Nascar Update...

I promise to post something other than Nascar soon...

My life has been crazy of late. Last weekend Matt and I attended the Nascar races. Yes, both of them. I am planning on an interview with Heavenly Father someday and hopefully he will forgive the sabbath breaking in honor of Nascar. Probably not, but I can always hope, right? Nascar was AWESOME. Laugh if you must. Acutally Saturday He's So Cute (see previous post) was crashed in the last lap while racing for the lead. The guy who crashed him, who I normally like, won the race which left a bitter taste in my mouth the rest of the night. Matt was not happy about it either. On Sunday we went to church and left immediately after for the Sunday Cup race. It was so GREAT. Carl WON!!! What are the odds? Really, I go to maybe one race a year and the guy I like wins. It was worth the 2 hours it took to get out of the parking lot.

The fan watching at the race was good as well. I have to say that the North Carolina fans are a bit more interesting though. Not as many clothes in North Carolina and people had way less teeth in the South. Well at least at the Nascar race.

I was wondering something at the race men find women in too tight Nascar apparel attractive? We had a bunch of women walking towards us as Matt and I were walking in. They were all at least 50-100 pounds overweight.They were all in tank tops with some sort of Nascar crap on them and they all had hats on, plus braids down there backs. I should have taken a picture. It would have been to obvious though. I really don't get it. What are they thinking? I just hope for them that they got dressed in the dark and have a good excuse for their appearance. People do look strangely at me at the races as well. I am glad to not fit in fashion wise. And if I ever do I hope my sisters will intervene.