Friday, June 24, 2011


Kate turned 12 on June 9th. I can't believe she is in YW's now at church and no longer in primary with me. I cried when the bishop called her to the podium and had the members raise their hands in support of her going into Young Women's. She is a great kid. She plays with her younger siblings, she laughs often, she's easy to get along with and just a happy kid in general. She is a good example to all of us. Matt and I feel lucky that Heavenly Father chose us to raise her.

We had three separate celebrations for her birthday. A friend party where we painted pillowcases and tied ribbons on flip flops, a family party at a restaurant in Needles on our way to the river, and an extended family party at the Teeples that she shared with Father's day celebrations. We celebrated for weeks.

She also got her hair cut off the day before her actual birthday. She donated it to Locks of Love.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mommy Conversations

The other day while Maggie was in the bath we had this conversation:

Maggie: "Mom, when I get big I'm going to get milk in my boobs."
Me: "Well yes, but you will have to have a baby to get milk in your boobs."
Maggie: "How do you have a baby?"
Me: "Well, the baby grows in your belly and then comes from a special hole that only Mom's have."
Maggie thinks for a few moments, she was disgusted. I love that I can see the wheels spinning in her head.
Maggie: "Did I come from the orphanage?"
Me: "No, you grew in my belly."
Maggie: "Well, I'm getting MY babies from the orphanage."
Me: "Okay, that's fine with me, but you won't get milk in your boobs if you don't have a baby that grows in your belly."
Maggie: "That's okay, I don't want milk."

She is such a crack up. And I'm so glad she is mine. Maybe I gave her too much information.