Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kid Update

This last week Parker has informed me on more than occasion that he does all the chores around the house. And he does WAY more than me. He also told Matt tonight that he hates his life. Again, because he has to do all the chores and he NEVER gets to do anything that he wants to do. I guess that going to the park last night, eating McDonald's for dinner tonight, riding his bike today, jumping on the trampoline for hours this afternoon and watching hours upon hours of TV are all things he didn't want to do. I can't wait until he gains a littler perspective...seriously I sometimes wonder what is going on in that brain of his. I am not sure when that perspective will come, probably not until he is in his twenties. So for now I will have to remember his few and far between happy little boy moments, when his Mom and Dad and the world aren't picking on him.

Recently Kate has shown signs that she is in the preteen mode. She makes sure her hair is brushed before we leave the house. She had a fit last night when I asked her roll up her jeans so they didn't drag on the ground. Through her tears she told me that really didn't want to because she would look stupid. We were meeting a bunch of our friends and their kids at the park for a picnic and there were boys her age who would be there. She now hugs her friends...I really don't understand this. Didn't she just see them the day before? She also puts lip gloss on in the car on the way to school. I don't even wear lip gloss most of the time. Although I don't quite understand the stage she is in I do have to commend her for being an exceptionally good sister. She plays with Parker all of the time, she will read to Maggie, give her baths, change diapers etc. without me ever asking. She seems to really like me, which I am sometimes shocked by, since I am not the most patient or kind mom. We went and had pedicures together a couple of weeks ago (it was her first one) and she and I both loved the time we were able to spend together, just the two of us.

Maggie has an obsession with Little People, you know the Fisher Price toys. They are adorable and I love them, but she is seriously obsessed. We have a couple of their movies and she wants to watch them all of the time. She can sing the annoying Aaron Neville song at the beginning, which is adorable, but if you have ever heard the song you will know what I am talking about when I say it is annoying. It is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head and you can't get it out. And Aaron Neville's voice isn't my favorite. She also knows all the characters names. We have the toys so she will go around the house saying, "Where's Michael?' This is repeated twenty or more times until you help her find the Michael doll. And she knows which toy is which. Michael is the black little kid with a backpack, Eddie is the kid with the snorkel gear and frog. Sonya Lee is the chinese girl. And Maggie is the character that looks just like our Maggie. She is so funny about them. She is actually carrying around Michael and Eddie right now as I write this. Funny kid. She cracks me up. She still gets into everything. Desitin is her latest find and she smears it all over her face, (she thinks it is lotion). She also shares with Captain. Rubbing it into his fur.

So Sad

This last week the store where I was teaching classes went out of business. It was a sad day. Not only because I am jobless (which really isn't that big of a deal), but because I will miss going into the store and associating with the ladies who worked there and "scrapped" there. It was a fun job that felt like it was more of a break than anything else. I will miss it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bathing Beauties

We got to have Paige come over last night for a sleepover. She and Maggie follow each other around and are so cute with one another. They had a bath last night and had a great time. They didn't understand the concept of putting their heads next to one another, somehow that translated to put your hands on your heads. Maggie thought she was hysterical afterward when she was showing Paige her tongue. Oh to be a one year old.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer Fun

Henderson Water Park - we met up with some friends and had a great time. And if you don't have an older sister to run around with your baby, I apologize. It is SO GREAT.

Chuck E Cheese -  The Andersen's and Grandma Teeples met us for lunch. Chuck E. Cheese isn't too bad on a Friday at 11:30.  

Lake Mead - we went out on the boat for the day and had so much fun. The kids love the water and couldn't get enough of the surf board. 

Bowling at Red Rock - Kate and Parker love to bowl...Maggie liked the first six frames. We had a good time just the four of us.