Monday, August 22, 2011

Catch Up....Again

It seems like I am always playing catch up with this blog. So much has happened since my last post. Just normal stuff, but lots of it.

Our 13 year anniversary - we went to dinner at the Chart House and to the Country Music impersonator show. I can't remember the actual name. It was pretty good, but a little uncomfortable. I always think it's weird to watch someone pretend to be someone else. Especially when that someone else is still living.

River Trips - The first week there we spent with Honey and Papa, Bridget, Paige, Claire, Chelsea, Andrew & Juliet. Kate became a very proficient slalom skier. Matt & Ruben both bare footed and Parker skied on two. He tried and tried to slalom, but couldn't quite get it. William was thoroughly entertained by his cousins. The second week we went Noelle, Anna and Miller came.

Parker's 9th Birthday - He spent the day with his Dad. First on a helicopter ride over the Hoover Damn and Lake Mead. Then a movie with Dad & Talon. After the movie we had family over to the house for dinner and dessert. He was very happy with his day.

Heber Vacation - we spent almost three weeks in Heber this year. The first week Melinda and Carole came to spend with us. The last two weeks Honey and Papa came and we spent lost of time with Noelle, Bridget, Beth, Marci & Emily and their kids. Matt came up for the last few days and to drive home with us. Love, love, love Heber!

Will's 2nd Birthday - two years already! He is a very funny kid and his eyebrows keep us entertained. He is saying a lot of words. He is a total boy. He loves anything that has wheels. Right now his favorites are trash trucks and choo choo trains. He scrunches his little lips up into and pucker and says choo choo. It's adorable. And when he hears the trash truck outside our house he gets really excited and we have to take him out to look at it. The garbage men must think we are crazy out there waving at them.

River Trip - We went to the Parker strip with Matt's family for our third and final river trip of the summer. We had a good time. The kids and Dad's jumped from the cliffs. Kate was the only kid who jumped from the highest one. She regretted it though, she had huge bruises down the back of her thighs from landing a little wonky. William LOVED the boat, but didn't like being in the water until our last day there. Maggie is more of a lay around and play in the sand & water type of kid. She really doesn't have any desire to do anything behind the boat other than tube. Parker and Kate do it all. They love to knee board, jimmy jam, tube, ski etc. Anything that can be done behind the boat they are willing to try.

Our summer has been happy and busy. I'm both dreading and impatiently anticipating the start of school. This was our first "real" summer and it's been great.