Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Something about this baby can make me happy in an instant. Maggie is such a tease and so much fun. She never has her hands in her mouth but was teasing me because I was trying to take her picture. She is a funny kid.


My nephew Andrew came over yesterday and was so nice to share his popsicle with Captain. Captain isn't the kind of dog that will steal things out of your hand, but if you offer it up you better be ready to share.  And he follows the babies around just hoping they will drop something or feed him.  Luckily Captain and Andrew were on the same page.  

Just so you know his Mom, Chelsea is the one who took these pictures. It was pretty gross, but just too cute to stop.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm Published...kind of

So most of you know that I am teaching classes at Pebbles in My Pocket.  I am also working one night a week or so, mostly for fun.  Actually I really enjoy it. Thank goodness for Matt.  He is so great to be okay with me running off to Pebbles while he feeds the kids dinner and puts them to bed.  

Anyway go here if you want to see my pages for May.  I have father/grandpa pages for my June class and I am working on a baby boy layout for another class.  

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My New Favorite Place

I know I have bragged before, but I have to do it again.  Matt is really great.  For the last 4 years all of my crafting has gone on downstairs on the kitchen table.  I had stuff stashed everywhere and when I would sit down to scrapbook/craft I would have to pull it all out.  And after I was done it would take me days if not weeks to get it all put away.  So the downstairs never looked very good.  Even if everything else was clean the pile of crafting supplies really took away from the look.  

A couple of months ago we decided to turn the DirectTV off in our upstairs loft. It was a TV for the kids and I wasn't monitoring the material they watched very well. So we turned it off and they quit using the loft.  I am not sure who had the idea to turn it into my crafting room, I think maybe it was my mom.  The pictures above are of  what it looks like now and I LOVE IT!!!!!  It isn't totally finished. One of the walls is going to be painted a goldish color and we have yet to order my galvanized steel barstool, but it is now usable and GREAT.  I really can't express how great it is.  The kids even like the new TV that Matt worked into the design and they watch movies while I work at the counter.   

He is such a good husband...always striving to make me smile.  He definitely accomplished the task on this one.  

The downstairs looks so much better all of the time now. And we can eat at the table again.

St. George

It has taken me weeks  now to get this up on my blog.  I am still figuring out my new camera.  It is quite fancy and therefore a little more difficult to learn.  So please be patient while I figure it out.  

These are some of my favorite pictures from our trip to St. George for Anna's first birthday. We had a good time and it was really great that all the sisters could be there.  Maggie loved the fountain. Actually all the babies love the fountain.  And Anna was the perfect one year old cake eater.  She couldn't get enough.  If you want to see a video of it go to the juggle.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Does anyone else have a hard time uploading pictures to their blogs?  I am continually running into errors and the pictures won't download.  I got a new camera and I am wondering if there is some problem...HELP!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wal-Mart Collision

Okay, so I HATE Wal-Mart. I really do. I know everything is so cheap, blah blah blah, but I don't care, I hate it. I would rather go to Target, Smith's and then Michael's or Joanne's to get everything I need.

A couple of days ago I decided to try the new Wal-Mart. I was hoping that it wasn't like the rest of them and I would actually want to frequent this one.We have one less than  mile away, but I had been told that the new one was really nice.  Really nice for a Wal-Mart at least. I digress. If anyone reading this has been to the store with three children before you will know what I am talking about when I say that going shopping with all three children is not fun.  Let alone to my least favorite store.  So I am hurrying through the store trying to get everything (we initially went for construction paper to make pirate hats) and the kids are telling me to slow down, can I have this, etc. Kate asked why I was running.  I wasn't running, she just had to so she could keep up.  So we get to the checkout. Maggie is so done with being in the shopping cart that I decide to let her out and have Kate follow her.  Of course she immediately goes to the candy cell phones on the bottom shelf and the three of them start drooling over them asking repeatedly if they can have one (NO, of course).  I HATE the people who have tortured poor mother's for years with the checkout line candy isle.  Really, did they never have children?  Oh, wait, they did, so they know you will eventually get badgered into buying all that crap.  (I didn't, battle won).  I digress again.

So the kids are standing in the checkout isle and I hear this screech. I look over my shoulder and a chinese man in one of those electric carts has come screaming in to the checkout lane, hitting Kate in the process.  Nobody was injured, but we were all quite frightened. My kids quickly got out of the way and the man continued to move forward repeatedly hitting the candy display.  The checker kept rolling her eyes as she rung me up. Hilarious.  It was so funny and I was so shocked that I didn't even notice until we got in the car that he didn't apologize for mowing Kate down. 

I still didn't like Wal-Mart. Although the floors are nicer at this one, but at least I got a good laugh out of the trip. 

Little Swimmers

We had a great time at the beach and in Grandma and Grandpa's swimming pool.

It was difficult to get the kids out to eat or go to bed. At least they all like to swim, including Matt. Kate tried surfing and thought it was pretty fun, she got cold and had to come out. Ruben brought bread to attract the seagulls (gross). He thought it was funny to gather them all around and watch me squirm. I don't mind birds in general, but masses of them kind of freak me out. They are so dirty. Matt buried both of the kids in the sand which they thought was hilarious. The had a second skin of sand when they came out, but neither seemed to notice.

This was Maggie's first time at the beach. She slept through most of it, but got to try out the water a little bit. She wasn't quite sure if she liked it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter Weekend

We are so lucky to be able to visit California a couple of times a year to see Grandma and Grandpa Miller. We all bombarded them a couple of weekends ago for Easter. Matt and the kids swam almost the entire time. We went to the beach (which I will post next) and I got to see some of my closest friends. Valorie and I were able to go to breakfast (just the two of us, not kids interrupting) and Lynn came to Easter dinner (lots of kids interrupting). Every time we visit I ask Matt if we can please move (actually I think I whine this, it isn't pretty). If I could live anywhere it would be Southern California. It is so beautiful.

The kids loved Easter and had a great time egg coloring and hunting. The Easter Bunny put dollar bills in some of the plastic eggs and Kate and Parker had dibs on those. The babies didn't care. Maggie would get a hard-boiled egg and throw it immediately on the ground, not because she was mad about it, she thought that was what she was supposed to do. Like a ball. Papa managed to teach her how to put them in the basket.

Park Fun?


With the kids being off of school for track break and spring break (three weeks total), I have been figuring things out to fill up our time.  The weather has been great here, so we have taken advantage of it and been to the park a couple of times. Maggie can do things on her own and she loves to go down the slides and climb all over the place. She makes me pretty nervous, but yells No,no,no,no,no when I try to help. She is so dang feisty.

Utah Trip

We went to Utah for Grandma Zola's funeral (Matt's paternal grandma). She was one of the kindest people I have ever met. We had a quick trip, which went considerably well.  The group shot is of the Teeples cousins singing at the funeral. There are 32 grandchildren and most of them made it to the funeral.  Maggie caught a nap on the drive between the funeral home and the cemetery. We had fun at the hotel swimming and spending time together.  Zola will be missed by many, but I know she is in a better place.