Thursday, May 29, 2008


I don't have a very good memory, but as a child I don't recall being overly fond of my siblings. We didn't necessarily want to share a room with one another or spend too much time together. And as I remember, we fought quite often (my poor mom) and we teased each other relentlessly . As an adult I don't have any better friends than my sisters. So at least we grew out of our childish ways. 

My aunt Ann's kids were totally different. They would all end up in the same room by morning and if they couldn't sleep in the same room they would sleep with their heads in the hall so they could see one another.  I am sure they fought, but I never saw it.  

Anyway, I have lately been thinking of how lucky I am.  Kate and Parker genuinely like one another.  They have their tiffs, but they mostly get along and play well with one another.  This is probably due to Kate being the type of person who wants everyone to like her, Parker just likes to play and they are a little over three years apart.  They are both also very patient with Maggie and love her to death.  It is so nice to have kids who are nice to one another and are friends. I hope that they continue to be friends and not just siblings for the rest of their lives. 

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Yes, that is our bedroom door and yes there is a big hole in it.  

Yesterday after running all my errands and picking the kids up from school I decided to sit on the couch downstairs and finish the last 20 pages of my book,  The Host. BAD IDEA!  After about ten minutes there was no noise upstairs so I asked Parker and Kate where Maggie was. (on Tuesday she was very quiet as well and when I found her she was smearing lotion all over the couch) Anyway, the kids looked around and couldn't find her. Parker kept looking and realized that she had locked herself and the dog in our bedroom. 

The biggest problem with that was that the key to the door was locked in the bedroom with her. I know dumb place for the key, but we weren't planning on anyone other than Matt or I locking the door.  So I called Matt, who was in Dallas on business, and he doesn't know where there is another key. I try to pick the lock with a bobbi pin and I also used a credit card to try and open it. Obviously neither worked.  After about twenty minutes Maggie started to cry and the dog was barking so I went and got the sledge hammer. It worked perfectly.   

Matt now has another project to work on. 

Monday, May 19, 2008


I know some of you who read my blog are interested in photography and I want to go to this.  Is anyone else interested? 


So far this morning Maggie has been quite a handful. She didn't sleep well last night and she got up this morning at 5:20. She fell off Parker's bed onto her head and off the barstool...she seems okay. She washed her baby in the toilet (I wish I had my camera handy at the time) and unloaded the toys and books in my room. Plus some of the clothes out of the drawers in her room (picture above).  I forgot how busy and naughty babies can be at this age.    

Monday, May 12, 2008

Rock Star

About a week ago they had Rock Star day for Kate's third grade class. I was at work the night before and Matt helped her pick out her costume. She wanted to look something like Gwen Stefani (I didn't realize she knew who she was).  She proudly came into my room with her costume on before school and had me do her hair.  

She is religious about dressing up for every school thing that she can. Crazy hair day is one of her favorites.  And pajama day.  She doesn't care if there is one other kid dressed up for the day. I wouldn't have been caught dead in an outfit like this as a kid, or now for that matter. But Kate loves it and could care less what other people think about it.  I am glad that she is so sure of herself.  Hopefully that will continue as we approach her teenage years.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


My life is going to change quite a bit. Today I was released as the RS President in our ward. I have had this calling for the last three years and it has become a big part of our lives. Today was bitter sweet.

Things I will not miss:
1. 7:00 am Sunday meetings.
2. There is no way to say this nicely, so I won't say it. (crazy people, sorry just had to)
3. People keeping track of me. It is pretty noticeable when the RS President is out of town for three weeks straight and people can't help but comment on it.
4. Having to be the mean person who tells people NO to their inappropriate requests of the Relief Society.

Things I will miss:
1. My association with the sisters in the ward.
2. My counselors. We had a great time together and they were/are awesome.
3. Having a reason to introduce myself to new sisters.
4. Helping and coming up with ideas for enrichment. I love those meetings.
5. Laughing with my counselors as we knocked on the wrong doors while out on visits. We met some pretty interesting people, who thought we were crazy carrying around our wrapped up cookies.
6. Getting to be the mean person who tells people NO to their inappropriate requests of the Relief Society.