Thursday, December 17, 2009

4 Months

Will was four months old on the 7th. He is a very rewarding baby. He smiles when you talk to him, he loves his jumper and he giggles when you tickle him. He is a fairly easy baby and I am so grateful. I love to kiss his chubby little cheeks.

Everyone told me that our third child would throw me for a loop. They were wrong. My adjustment with Maggie was pretty easy. Parker was 4 1/2 and very self sufficient. This has been by far my most difficult transition. The laundry is never caught up on, I don't get out of my pajamas until 10:00 most mornings, I can't seem to keep the house clean and I am exhausted. I'm not sure if it is my age, arthritis or just having a fourth child that has done this to me...probably a combination of all of them?

I know that this will pass. Our kids will grow up and I will miss them. So for now some of my chores will have to wait. And the projects I want to do will have be put on the back burner, because I don't want to miss the short time our kids are little.


Margaret turned 3 on Thanksgiving day this year. We were in Heber and had pumpkin pie and birthday cake for dessert. All she really wanted for her birthday was a cash register and pretend money. She was very funny about it.

Maggie is the child in our house who always makes us smile and laugh. She is a like a little bit of feisty sunshine wherever she goes. I'm so glad she's ours.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


My parents entered the MTC on Monday. They are there for a week and then off to South Carolina. I have to say that selfishly I am sad they they are going to be gone for a year. William will change so much in that time and they won't be here to see it. I know it will be okay and their will be other blessings for their service, but it still makes me sad. BUT, I am happy for them. It will be a great adventure for them and I know that they will be great missionaries. The people of South Carolina are lucky to have them. Ruben went through quite the physical transformation to go on their mission, and my kids got to help in that process.