Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Vacations

From August 6th to the 28th we vacationed as much as possible.

We went to Heber, Utah for 10 days
Parker, Nick, Kate
Maggie after Seven Peaks (i forgot the camera that day)
Scera Pool
Maggie, Porter, Kate, Seth, Parker, Anna
we had a bunch more cousins there, but I didn't break out the camera until the very end
our favorite front porch
Juliette, Claire, Will, Miller
call us crazy, but we took all of these kids bowling
Miller, Kate, Owen, Parker, Will, Porter, Seth, Andrew
Maggie, Anna, Lily, Paige, Jack, Isabel (Juliette not pictured)
Kate and Parker did a fine job helping all the kids

We went to the Colorado River
(i forgot my camera, so we made do with Kate's)
Teeples Grandchildren
Evan, Bentley, Amelia, Parker, Luke, Maren, Kyra, Will, Kate, Maggie

Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Year

The time has flown since Will was born. He is a great baby and continually has us laughing and smiling. He thinks it is especially funny to bang his head against things right now. He is taking lots of steps (his record thus far is 10 in a row), but is still crawling most of the time. He likes to eat, play with his siblings and he LOVES balloons and balls.

He can say:
da da
ma ma
ba ba
captain (he gets the c and the n part)
kate, said kay

He has two, almost three teeth and he weighs 18.7 pounds.

For his party we had a beach ball theme with lots of balloons and balls for him to play with. Chelsea made him an adorable cake that he really took to. He was funny poking his one finger into it again and again. He even wanted to share it with Grandpa Bruce.
He is such a happy baby and I feel lucky to be his mom.

Awards, a Princess and Graduation

This last week was busy with end of the school year celebrations. Parker was on the A-B honor roll and received an award. He and Talon have been the best of friends this year. Maggie went to a birthday party for her friend Jurnee. They dressed up as princesses and she and Jurnee both happened to pick Snow White. Kate finished fifth grade on Thursday and received awards for A-B honor roll and Most Improved. Her teacher, Mr. Shaw told us that he has never had a student who improved more than Kate did this year. Middle school here we come :(

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Birthday Boy

Talon, Jack, Luke, Parker, Daniel
Ashton, Drew, Jason
Parker turned eight in July and we had two celebrations. One with family and another with his friends from church and school. His friend party was all about legos. The boys built their own lego cars and raced them on a track that Matt built. It was funny to watch them cheer their cars on. They were all pretty competitive with one another and really wanted to win. We raced them in heats and the winner of the final race got a prize. They also built towers, played a lego guessing game and had cupcakes. Talon got to spend the night, which made the day that much better for Parker. I was surprised by how smoothly the day went with all those boys running around. I'm pretty sure everyone had good time and I know that Parker did.