Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The GAP, cont.

I sent GAP the post I wrote the other day and I guess I created a stir.

First off, I know the entire situation was partly my fault. I knew that the stroller was a display item and I wasn't supposed to use it. I was just trying to to make the best out of a very chaotic situation.

So here is what happened. Yesterday I got an email from corporate apologizing for the employee's rudeness. Today I received an email from the store manager asking if he could call and talk about what happened. I emailed him my number and he quickly responded with a phone call. He had actually witnessed what happened with the sales associate and asked me if I was a woman with two children who was wearing glasses. I guess after she yelled at me in front of all the customers in line, he went up to her and told her that her response was inappropriate and shouldn't have occurred the way it did. We chatted for awhile, he asked if they could compensate me somehow and I told him I was fine and would continue to shop at GAP. They didn't need to give me any type of gift card or coupon to make it up to me. Like I said, it was partly my fault for not being prepared. He said that it was only his third day as the store manager at that store and mine wasn't the only instance of an employee being rude to a customer. And that they were having a special employee meeting today to address the situation. I sure hope he didn't get in trouble for my complaint, he didn't do it. He was very nice. About 10 minutes ago I got an email from the district manager making sure that I was happy with how things were handled. I assured him that I am perfectly fine, do not hold a grudge and that I would continue to spend my money at their store.

Moral of this story...the Gap takes complaints seriously and tries to make amends in any way possible. I am impressed.

Monday, October 11, 2010


I like to shop at the GAP. It's not too fancy, but not downright cheap either...although today it was downright cheap. If you used your GAP silver card, you got 45% off your entire purchase. Deal, right? And if you paid with cash you got 40% off. So Maggie, Will and I went after art class today. Wow was it crowded. I didn't have a stroller and William screamed at me most of the time because I wouldn't let him down to destroy all the displays. So while I was in baby gap I saw their stroller on display and decided it needed a test ride. I put Will in it, the stuff I was going to purchase on top and my bag of stuff that I needed to exchange on the handle bar (they wouldn't hold it for me behind the counter while I shopped because of "liability" issues). I start pushing the stroller (thinking that I am so smart to use theirs) and the lady behind the counter yells at me, "mam, mam you can't use that, it is for sale." I quickly looked back at her and said, "Yes, I know, I'm trying it out to see if I like it." She rolled her eyes and continued helping the 12 people that were in line. I used the stroller for a few more minutes, not nearly as long as I would have liked to, and then got Will out and hefted him and the clothes around for the remainder of my shopping trip.

I was pretty annoyed. This is the lady who is always working when I shop. She knows my kids names (sad, I know) and also knows that I actually buy things there at the regular prices. I am not a sale only kind of gal. It's not like I was going to walk out of the store with the stroller, I simply wanted to borrow it. And I'm pretty sure that I spend enough money there to justify the loan of a stroller for 15 minutes, so I could spend even more money at their store.

Moral of the story, sometimes a discount isn't worth the hassle. Be prepared. Why was my stroller not in my car? (another story for another time) And the GAP needs to work on their customer service a little bit.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


will 14 months

he says:
pumpkin (pupin)
ba ba
(he says this a lot, especially when we are in the car)

he loves:
throwing balls (and lots of other things)
his blanket
to point, either with his own finger or the pointer stick he is holding above
grandpa bruce

i love that:
he squeezes between the cabinets and me and stretches out his arms so i will pick him up
he sleeps all night and until about 8:30 every morning
he likes the car
he loves to wrestle

his personality:
he's stubborn
but happy
he throws tantrums, throws things and yells when he doesn't get his way
he doesn't cry when he wakes up in the morning or from his naps,
mostly just yells for someone to come and get him
when he gets excited he stomps his feet like he is marching.
he likes to dance, which also includes stomping his feet