Thursday, April 30, 2009


Kate and Parker go to school for the full day so Maggie and I get to have great one on one time. She is a good errand runner, she likes to go out to lunch and she doesn't even mind shopping here and there. She will sleep in her car seat and still transfers to her bed. She is quite the conversationalist. She wants to know everyone's name, "Mom, what's his name? Mom, what's her name?" is a question I am probably asked 10 times a day. I have started to just make up people's names just to give her an answer. "I don't know," isn't acceptable in her world. If she isn't asking questions she is singing her abc's or counting in her funny way. She actually gets to 11 without messing up, after that usually comes sixteen and then eleven again. She continually makes me laugh and smile. The new baby's name is Diego according to her and she is having a girl, but I am having a boy. I'm not sure how she reasons that one out. 

She can also be terribly two at times. She loves to make a mess as previously posted, but she is getting better at cleaning up. She needs two pacifiers if she is in her bed (yes I know she is two and still has a pacifier, judge me if you must) and will cry and yell until she gets them. She has a fit when I ask her to turn off the TV. 

But in general she is my very sunny shadow.

Baby Boy

We met with the pediatric cardiologist and the perinatologist this week and had another look at our new baby's heart. We are so happy and relieved that it is looking great with no signs of trouble. 

After going to the doctor twice a week for the last month and having an ultrasound each time, I feel like I know this little one pretty well. He never stops moving and he sucks his thumb (I wonder if he will do the same when he gets here). He gets the hiccups fairly regularly and he isn't very cooperative when it comes to being monitored. He squirms so much the nurses would have to continually move the ultrasound wand to keep up with him. I think he was only sleeping once when I was there. I am getting more and more excited to meet him and have him join our family. And it is a great feeling to not continually worry about him. 

Monday, April 13, 2009


Our Easter weekend was full of family activities. We went to St. George to spend it with my side of the family. We dyed Easter eggs the day before at Jen's and celebrated  Anna (Noelle's baby) birthday that night. Sunday started at Honey and Papa's with an Easter egg hunt and brunch, then church, and dinner at Honey and Papa's as well. We had a great time. We were only missing Allie, the oldest cousin. (the poor girl had to be in Hawaii for a tennis tournament for the week) 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Smoke Detectors....

Why do the batteries always die in the dead of the night...and why do they have to make that piercing noise over and over again? 

And why is it that our dog who isn't afraid of much, has to jump on our bed, refuses to get off and lays next to me shaking while Matt tries to shut the stupid thing up.