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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dress Up

Maggie loves princesses and Kate loves to dance, so they combined the two and came up with this. Maggie is actually in Kate's old dance costume from the Good Ship Lollipop tap routine she was in when she was about 4. Kate no longer has "dress up" clothes that fit, so she put on one of her favorite church dresses and some of Maggie's dress up shoes...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Nerve Of Some People

Background: Maggie is the cart at Costco, playing with the keys (actually a play set of hers, but they are real keys), we are in the check out lane and this is the conversation I had with the lady behind me.

Random Lady: "I'm not trying to scare you, but I was watching a program the other night and there was a child who was running with keys, he fell down and one of them went through his skull and into his brain. There were x-rays and everything of it."

Me: "That is horrible."

Maggie is now out of the cart and still playing with the keys and we are about to pay and this is what I overhear. She obviously wanted me to hear what she was saying...

Random Lady, said to her date?: "I told her about that program with the keys in the kids head and there her kid is still playing with keys."

Random Man: "What did she say."

Random Lady: "She said that it was horrible."

Random Man:  "Oh"

Random Lady: "Well you know what Forrest Gump said, "Stupid is as stupid does."

Is she serious, come on. Should I  not let her eat because she might choke? She wasn't running through Costco, she was sitting in the cart and then hanging onto my leg with one hand with the keys in her other. And how many children have had keys go through their skulls? I am pretty sure the statistic is very low.

I had enough restraint to not say anything, but I didn't have very nice thoughts going through my head. 

Christmas Tree Challenged

If there was a competition for most challenged Christmas tree decorator, I would probably win. Just ask my family.

Two years ago my mom told me my tree was pathetic (she was right). I didn't have enough decorations and I hadn't changed my theme in 7 years or so. Yes, my tree has a theme. At least the one that I decorate and let the kids put a few decorations on (but only ones that I have ok'd for it). I bought all new decorations for the tree last year and wasn't totally pleased with the outcome, so I bought some more this year. The kids have their own tree, that I try not to control, or change the ornament placement. It goes in their bathroom. 

I realize that I am controlling when it comes to the tree decorating (and many other things), that is why I can't figure out why I can't get it right. Really, I am challenged. 

I am actually considering buying a fake tree after Christmas (gasp). I am debating if a fake tree that already has the lights installed could compare to the real tree that I have to put the lights on . Every year this is a major struggle. The problem is I love real trees and a fake tree seems like a cop out.  We never had a fake tree growing up, NEVER. I like real trees inconsistencies, smell and overall look. But I can never get enough lights on them. I can guarantee that my mom will come over this year and tell me that my tree does not have enough lights. But how many wires can one tree stand, right? 

If anyone has some tips for lighting a real tree I would love to hear them. I am also missing an entire box of decorations for it...has anyone seen them?

(After reading this I realized that I am a pretty lucky girl if all I have to worry about today is what my tree looks like.) 

Happy Birthday Maggie

We were at Honey and Papa's for Maggie's birthday. I can't believe we have already turned this corner. We had a great celebration complete with a Cinderella cake, crowns and tutus. For some reason the crowns were worn as masks. 

The Sunday before we had a pre-birthday celebration with Matt's family at his parents. We had a caterpillar cake that Maggie wasn't too fond of. It was actually the candles she didn't like. I am sure she was thinking, "What is wrong with my parents, they want me to put my face close to that fire and blow?." Kate was happy to blow them out for her.  Maggie got a tricycle, which she calls her "yittle bike". She can peddle backwards, but hasn't been able to peddle it forward yet.  

Thursday, November 13, 2008

First Plane Ride

We went to Utah for the first week of November and Parker had his first major airline ride. He was so excited. We travelled a lot with Kate and she remembers a little bit of it, but Parker has never flown on a jet. He has been asking us for years when he would get a turn. 

On the flight I had glimpses of what a cute kid he is. He was giggling as we took off and amazed that at one point in the flight we were above the clouds. One of our conversations on the flight went like this:

Me: "Parker, is flying as cool as you thought it would be?"
Parker: "No, it is way cooler."


While we were in Heber the  kids rode four wheelers with Papa and Matt. It snowed about a foot one night and the kids played in that for the next couple of days. They built a snowman, snow forts and made snow angels. We of course visited Dairy Keen for lunch a couple of times and even once for dinner. Parker has been saying that he wishes there was a place like Dairy Keen in Vegas. Maggie got to play with Anna and Paige. They are funny to watch together.

Matt and I got to go to the football game and out with my cousins, their spouses and Noelle and Steve. 

While Emily's husband is out at sea, she and her three children are living at the Heber House. It was fun to see them and spend time with Emily. The house was chaotic with all of our children, but we managed to stay mostly sane. Thanks to Emily for putting up with us. And especially thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for letting us visit. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We went to Utah the week after Halloween, so I am a little behind in updating here. 

Halloween seemed to last forever this year. We had our ward Trunk or Treat an entire week before Halloween. The fall festival was the next night and the kids had their school parade and parties on  Thursday the 30th. We got a lot of use out of our costumes this year.

Halloween night we went to St. George to Trick or Treat with the cousins. Parker flew off his four wheeler early in the day to make his costume look complete. He had a full helmet on, but still managed to do a number on his eye. Despite the injury the kids had a great time and Jen made a great meal. Maggie loved trick or treating, but I think Anna liked it the most. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Am Sick Of Obama Ads

I am really tired of Obama ads. Since Nevada is a swing state we have commercial after commercial for Obama. I swear it is 3 to 1 in favor of Obama, as far as the ads go. But none of them say anything like this . I SO wish that they did.

Monday, October 27, 2008

"You're Not Like Other Moms....

they are way nicer." Parker Teeples October 22, 2008

Socks and Such

Does anyone else have a child/sock problem? I know it exists because I have heard countless stories about my older sister Noelle and her hour long fits about her socks (every morning from the time she was in 1st grade until 5th grade). She wasn't a favorite child around the house in those years.

The dreaded sock problem has now come to our house. I thought it would be my girls, but nope it's Parker. Last week he had a fit every single morning about the line in his socks. It "bugs" his toes. He can't quietly have this fit somewhere out of my hearing. Instead he has to sit as close to me as possible, but not close enough for me to kick him, and complain, throw his body on the floor, squirt tears from his eyes all the while telling me it's not his fault that he is acting this way. "It is his socks that make him do it. " After four mornings of this I decided to put the matter in his Dad's hands. Matt, who is the way better parent, went to the store and bought the kind of socks that Parker likes, saving me from countless mornings of Parker fits and saving Parker's backside. Thank goodness for Dad.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kid Update

This last week Parker has informed me on more than occasion that he does all the chores around the house. And he does WAY more than me. He also told Matt tonight that he hates his life. Again, because he has to do all the chores and he NEVER gets to do anything that he wants to do. I guess that going to the park last night, eating McDonald's for dinner tonight, riding his bike today, jumping on the trampoline for hours this afternoon and watching hours upon hours of TV are all things he didn't want to do. I can't wait until he gains a littler perspective...seriously I sometimes wonder what is going on in that brain of his. I am not sure when that perspective will come, probably not until he is in his twenties. So for now I will have to remember his few and far between happy little boy moments, when his Mom and Dad and the world aren't picking on him.

Recently Kate has shown signs that she is in the preteen mode. She makes sure her hair is brushed before we leave the house. She had a fit last night when I asked her roll up her jeans so they didn't drag on the ground. Through her tears she told me that really didn't want to because she would look stupid. We were meeting a bunch of our friends and their kids at the park for a picnic and there were boys her age who would be there. She now hugs her friends...I really don't understand this. Didn't she just see them the day before? She also puts lip gloss on in the car on the way to school. I don't even wear lip gloss most of the time. Although I don't quite understand the stage she is in I do have to commend her for being an exceptionally good sister. She plays with Parker all of the time, she will read to Maggie, give her baths, change diapers etc. without me ever asking. She seems to really like me, which I am sometimes shocked by, since I am not the most patient or kind mom. We went and had pedicures together a couple of weeks ago (it was her first one) and she and I both loved the time we were able to spend together, just the two of us.

Maggie has an obsession with Little People, you know the Fisher Price toys. They are adorable and I love them, but she is seriously obsessed. We have a couple of their movies and she wants to watch them all of the time. She can sing the annoying Aaron Neville song at the beginning, which is adorable, but if you have ever heard the song you will know what I am talking about when I say it is annoying. It is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head and you can't get it out. And Aaron Neville's voice isn't my favorite. She also knows all the characters names. We have the toys so she will go around the house saying, "Where's Michael?' This is repeated twenty or more times until you help her find the Michael doll. And she knows which toy is which. Michael is the black little kid with a backpack, Eddie is the kid with the snorkel gear and frog. Sonya Lee is the chinese girl. And Maggie is the character that looks just like our Maggie. She is so funny about them. She is actually carrying around Michael and Eddie right now as I write this. Funny kid. She cracks me up. She still gets into everything. Desitin is her latest find and she smears it all over her face, (she thinks it is lotion). She also shares with Captain. Rubbing it into his fur.

So Sad

This last week the store where I was teaching classes went out of business. It was a sad day. Not only because I am jobless (which really isn't that big of a deal), but because I will miss going into the store and associating with the ladies who worked there and "scrapped" there. It was a fun job that felt like it was more of a break than anything else. I will miss it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bathing Beauties

We got to have Paige come over last night for a sleepover. She and Maggie follow each other around and are so cute with one another. They had a bath last night and had a great time. They didn't understand the concept of putting their heads next to one another, somehow that translated to put your hands on your heads. Maggie thought she was hysterical afterward when she was showing Paige her tongue. Oh to be a one year old.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer Fun

Henderson Water Park - we met up with some friends and had a great time. And if you don't have an older sister to run around with your baby, I apologize. It is SO GREAT.

Chuck E Cheese -  The Andersen's and Grandma Teeples met us for lunch. Chuck E. Cheese isn't too bad on a Friday at 11:30.  

Lake Mead - we went out on the boat for the day and had so much fun. The kids love the water and couldn't get enough of the surf board. 

Bowling at Red Rock - Kate and Parker love to bowl...Maggie liked the first six frames. We had a good time just the four of us. 

Friday, August 29, 2008

Great Dad

A couple of Sundays ago Matt called me downstairs and told me to bring my camera. This is what I came down to.  To put it mildly, our kids adore their Dad. I can't say I blame them.  He is the snuggler in the family, we actually call it snigging (a totally made up word), and the kids are often laying on their Dad.  On this particular morning they all decided to pile on at the same time. It was adorable.  Margaret has to mimic almost all things that Parker does, so she climbed on as well.  This is a photo I will have to scrapbook.   

Monday, August 11, 2008

Little Bit of Summer

My Favorite Bowling Picture Ever - Maren and Parker 9/2004

Since we are on year around school here, the kids were in school for the last three weeks, and now have a two week break before moving on to the next grade. We were going to be in Utah for most of the time off, but that didn't work out. So, we are home and figuring out things to do so the kids don't get too bored. Today is bowling, which should be fun. Kate and Parker love it and Maggie has never been. I will take my camera and get some shots. Tomorrow is shopping at playing at Grandma's and wednesday we will brave Chuck E. Cheese for lunch.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 4th

Monday, July 21, 2008

Coming Soon

A new post!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This is what Maggie does when you ask her to smile.

So Many Events, So Little Time

I really should try and update this more. That way I wouldn't have hours worth to do at once....

The last couple of weeks have been busy. Kate turned 9. We had a family party on the day of and a friend (High School Musical) party the following weekend.   She had loads of fun.  And I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth everything went.  She is such a nice girl and a huge help to me.  

Parker started swim lessons (which he doesn't really need, but loves) and the kids got out for track break last week.  They have four weeks off, go back to school for about three weeks and then two more off in August.  We switched tracks this year, so hopefully the summer will be a little more acceptable.  I get tired of going swimming everyday. With the temp in the 105-110 range that is the only thing to do outside.  I am hoping school will be a distraction from the heat at the end of July.  We will be going to the river, California and Heber this summer, which will get us away from the heat a little bit.  

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Mom. Thanks for being such a great mom.  I love you!! 

She avoids the camera like the plague, so I didn't have too many pictures to choose from. It was this or one in her bathing suit, I am sure she will prefer this.

10 Years

Isn't is crazy how time flies? Matt and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this last week. Neither of us can believe it has been that long.  I am a lucky girl to have such a great husband and best friend.