Thursday, November 12, 2009

Will: 14 Weeks

Will likes: watching his siblings, the swing, the bumbo

Will loves: standing up and balancing while holding onto someone's hands, being swaddled, his monkey mobile, being talked to.

I love: that he smiles when I get him out of his bed, the high pitched squeak he makes when he wants to be wrapped up and go to sleep, the baby noises he makes when I talk to him, that he is almost always content, his solid little body and chubby cheeks.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We spent Halloween in St. George this year . The kids have a lot of fun with their cousins and my sister lives in a great neighborhood for trick or treating. My kids started deciding on their costumes months ahead of time. I have never convinced them that having a matching theme for all of them would be cool. Thus we have a baby (matching with her cousin Cami), Wolverine, and Little Red Riding Hood. Maggie talked for months about how she was going to be Little Red and Papa was going to be the Big Bad Wolf. So Papa played along and made himself a costume. He is such an awesome Grandpa.


I wish we could have stayed longer. Actually, I would stay forever if I could.

We went to CA for a quick trip. Matt replaced flooring in part of my grandparent's home while the kids played, swam, played and swam some more. I got to visit with Grandma and a couple of my best friends. It was great. I decided that on this trip we would forgo our normal Disneyland adventure and go to some of the places that my mom took me when I was a kid. We wanted to go to the LA Children's museum, but it was closed. So we went to the LA Zoo and to Phillipe's for lunch. TT, John and Kira met us at the zoo, it was great to see them. The LA Zoo is the perfect size. We looked at everything in about four hours and the kids thought it was awesome. The zoo was even better than usual because the reptile house was closed. I hate that place. Phillipe's is exactly the same as I remember it and the food was delicious. The kids were very interested in the sawdust on the floor. The kids built a fort behind my grandparent's house and played back there a lot. They had some unwanted visitors show up at the fort and Parker threatened them with his pocket knife (which he didn't actually have on him) ...isn't that nice? Papa was there for the first couple days of our visit. He took the kids to the fire station to visit Nick and to the beach. He took food for the birds...Kate and Parker thought that was fun, Maggie did not.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Handmade Affair

So I am going to be selling wire trees in this upcoming craft show. If you are in town and can stop by that would be great. You can check out what will be there at this website.