Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I know I'm biased, but he is adorable.
His little square face with his chubby cheeks.
They are perfect for kissing.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

To Comment or Not to Comment

I'm wondering...When and on who's posts is it appropriate to comment? I love comments, the more the merrier. But do other people find it annoying when people comment on their posts. Or do you have to know someone really well to comment? I know I often want to comment, but don't. And I also look at blogs of people I knew ages ago and who I know know me, but I haven't talked to in quite some time. I'm curious, what do you think is appropriate comment etiquette? So leave a comment, I'd like to know what you think.

# of times the word comment was used in above paragraph = 7

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Maggie has come up with some real doozies lately.

Tonight we came home and Captain had chewed a diaper (I know, disgusting) and Maggie says to me:

"Last year when I was a puppy, did I chew dirty diapers?"

I had know idea she used to be a dog. I tried to explain to her that she has never been a puppy, but she was pretty set that she had.

Andrew was coming over to play today and she says to me:

"Andrew is not a good share person."

I responded, "You are right, but neither are you."

And she says, "I know, I'm not."

Like she is perfectly okay with not being good at sharing.

I had a full sugar, full caffeine soda today (still trying to get rid of this headache), and I left it on the counter downstairs. When I came back down Maggie had drank the entire thing. All of it, not one sip left. I told her that she shouldn't drink my soda without asking and that she shouldn't drink that kind of soda because it is not for kids. And she says to me:

"It's okay mom, cause I a grown up."

Maggie is also very concerned over smells. She unfortunately got my sense of smell, which is very keen, and she mentions how bad things smell quite often.

I love it when she smells something horrible and says to me, "It smells like you." NICE

When my mom was here Maggie was sitting on her lap reading books with her. Maggie literally leapt off my mom's lap and onto mine (a couch away) and looks at my mom with the most disgusted look on her face and says, "I'm not reading with you, you smell." My mom and I both started to laugh. Captain was sitting on the floor in front of my mom and was apparently having some sort of digestive problems. Maggie's reaction was hysterical.

We can't go into any public bathroom without some comment from Maggie. And if she smells anything foul she asks, "Who pooped?"

My mom and Ruben have both been rudely reminded by Maggie that they have morning breath. On more than one occasion she has gotten into bed with them and proceeded to put her hand in front of their face and tell them, "Your nose smells." I guess that is where she thinks the stink comes from.

The best thing about all of these comments is the look on her face when she makes them. I wish I could get it on camera. It is like you or someone or something has done the most awful thing by making a smell. She scrunches up her nose, gets the most high and mighty look that she can muster and proceeds to be very rude. It cracks me up.

I promise I tell her that it isn't nice to tell people that they smell. But a little part of me smiles when she pipes up about a stench. Because most of the time I am thinking the same thing.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Mom, Chelsea, Bridget, Noelle
Maggie, Paige, Anna
Maggie, Paige, Anna, Andrew

Shortly after I got home from the hospital (the second time) Noelle and Bridget came to visit. The four two year olds, Andrew (Chelsea's), Maggie, Paige (Bridget's) and Anna (Noelle's) are quite the foursome. There is never a dull moment when they are around. The crazy thing is we are doing the same thing again. All three of these sister's are pregnant again and we will have four babies within 7 months of each other all over again. We love our cousin friends. And I love my sisters. Jen included, even though she isn't contributing to the baby boom. I can't imagine why she didn't come for the weekend as well? Could it have been the four two year olds? Possibly.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Four Weeks

It seems impossible that Will is four weeks old. The time has flown by, yet some moments have stood still. I am more in love with him every day. And can't believe that we ever considered our family complete without him. I am trying to enjoy and appreciate every moment of his babyhood. Even the every other hour feedings some nights. I know it won't last and he will grow up, so I want to hold him as much as possible while he is still so small.

He is getting more alert with every day and has started to grasp my shirt while he nurses or lays on my shoulder. If I lay him on the bed, he cranks his head toward the window to look out. He will take a pacifier every once in a while. He definitely doesn't like it as much as his siblings did. He is very grunty, his cradle is now in the loft so that I can sleep at night and only hear his louder grunts. He doesn't cry very much and when he does, it isn't very loud. It's more like a complaint than a cry. Every so often I think he is actually smiling and not just gassy. I can see a glimpse of what his grin will look like. He loves to be held...and I am so glad.