Monday, March 28, 2011

Night Away

It had been three years since Matt and I had gone away with no kids. Last time was San Francisco for four days. Our trip this weekend was short...28 hours to be exact, but it was great. We farmed out the kids and made a quick trick to Fontana for the NASCAR race. Spent the night in a hotel close to the racetrack, went to dinner and a movie and the race on Sunday. It was nice to just be together with no interruptions. And the car ride was bliss with no children.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stepping on Lego's, etc.

Love LEGO's, hate them in the middle of the night when they dig into my foot. I want to throw every single LEGO away, but can't stomach it since they seem to cost about $.50 for each little one.


Will- 19 months old. Into EVERYTHING. Still throws things at me often. My favorite chucking incident was a pair of scissors last Sunday when I told him he couldn't have them because they are ouchie. He showed me. Luckily they only hit my leg and I was wearing pants. His favorite toy is the swiffer. I hide it and he finds it. He goes around pretending to "swiff" things. It's funny. He loves his dad the best. It's great. Every girl should have a fourth child who favors their husband. I have always been under the impression that the youngest children in a family grow up the fastest. But Will seems to be just the opposite. He wants to sit on my lap all day long, and on his dad's all night long. He would sleep touching both of us if we would let him. He carries his blanket around like Linus and almost always has his pacifier in his mouth. He talks a little bit, but I think Matt and I are the only ones who can understand him.
Maggie- 4 going on 14. She loves make-up and all things smelly. As in perfume, bathroom spray, lotion. She always has a concoction of smells going on. She is loving preschool and reading I See Sam books. All clothes bug her in some way or another. Especially her socks. I often have to walk away as she writhes on the floor complaining about the line in her socks not being right. She will sit and color for hours and has discovered the joys of my iPad. She got her hair cut off and feels especially beautiful. This kid has a great self esteem.

Parker-His primary teacher asked me this week if he has some sort of ADHD. I laughed. She doesn't have children so doesn't quite get the behavior of 8 year old boys. They are a bit nuts. Well at least mine is. When I think about it, it makes me laugh. As I am dealing with him, I sometimes scream. :-) He outsmarts me daily. Instead of watching cartoons or dumb Disney shows he turns on the Discovery channel or some sort of Mythbuster's show. He loves to learn and is daily telling me things I don't know. A couple weeks ago we had Juliette's birthday party at our house. He hid upstairs most of the time and after everyone left he yelled down, "Did all the chaos leave?" He is more and more like his dad everyday. He started baseball this last week and is really excited for it.

Kate-is getting the swing of middle school. She has discovered that girl's are often mean, intentionally and unintentionally. She has found a group of friends that she seems happy with. She is taking piano lessons from a fabulous lady in our last ward. I remember being a kid and my mom forcing us to practice. With Kate it is the complete opposite. She asks to practice immediately when she gets home from school. I find it kind of weird, but a good weird.
Matt- came down with this fu man choo the other day. My response, "Oh, hell no." I told him he was cut off til it was shaved off. He thinks he is pretty funny. I'm sure my face was priceless when I first saw it. He is the cub committee chair and also Parker's baseball coach. I signed him up for that without mentioning it to him, which didn't go over well...:-) But he is doing it and Parker is ecstatic to have him coach. He is busy with work, kids, keeping me happy. Well that's a full time job in and of itself. NASCAR has started again and he and I are both thrilled. We got to go to the races here and our favorite driver won. And we are planning on going to CA in a couple of weeks for the race.

Me-today I got to have a root canal. Isn't that lucky? I've had tooth pain for a good six months now. I thought it was sinus pain...nope. I have been at the dentist or endodontist every day this week. And get to go back again tomorrow. Hopefully the headaches will stop now. I've been working, picking up after William, losing a bit of weight, running the family taxi service and crafting a little bit. I've also been reading a lot and not sleeping too much. Is it just me or does sleep seem overrated when all the kids are in bed and the house is quiet? I haven't been taking pictures. I need to work on that.