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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dress Up

Maggie loves princesses and Kate loves to dance, so they combined the two and came up with this. Maggie is actually in Kate's old dance costume from the Good Ship Lollipop tap routine she was in when she was about 4. Kate no longer has "dress up" clothes that fit, so she put on one of her favorite church dresses and some of Maggie's dress up shoes...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Nerve Of Some People

Background: Maggie is the cart at Costco, playing with the keys (actually a play set of hers, but they are real keys), we are in the check out lane and this is the conversation I had with the lady behind me.

Random Lady: "I'm not trying to scare you, but I was watching a program the other night and there was a child who was running with keys, he fell down and one of them went through his skull and into his brain. There were x-rays and everything of it."

Me: "That is horrible."

Maggie is now out of the cart and still playing with the keys and we are about to pay and this is what I overhear. She obviously wanted me to hear what she was saying...

Random Lady, said to her date?: "I told her about that program with the keys in the kids head and there her kid is still playing with keys."

Random Man: "What did she say."

Random Lady: "She said that it was horrible."

Random Man:  "Oh"

Random Lady: "Well you know what Forrest Gump said, "Stupid is as stupid does."

Is she serious, come on. Should I  not let her eat because she might choke? She wasn't running through Costco, she was sitting in the cart and then hanging onto my leg with one hand with the keys in her other. And how many children have had keys go through their skulls? I am pretty sure the statistic is very low.

I had enough restraint to not say anything, but I didn't have very nice thoughts going through my head. 

Christmas Tree Challenged

If there was a competition for most challenged Christmas tree decorator, I would probably win. Just ask my family.

Two years ago my mom told me my tree was pathetic (she was right). I didn't have enough decorations and I hadn't changed my theme in 7 years or so. Yes, my tree has a theme. At least the one that I decorate and let the kids put a few decorations on (but only ones that I have ok'd for it). I bought all new decorations for the tree last year and wasn't totally pleased with the outcome, so I bought some more this year. The kids have their own tree, that I try not to control, or change the ornament placement. It goes in their bathroom. 

I realize that I am controlling when it comes to the tree decorating (and many other things), that is why I can't figure out why I can't get it right. Really, I am challenged. 

I am actually considering buying a fake tree after Christmas (gasp). I am debating if a fake tree that already has the lights installed could compare to the real tree that I have to put the lights on . Every year this is a major struggle. The problem is I love real trees and a fake tree seems like a cop out.  We never had a fake tree growing up, NEVER. I like real trees inconsistencies, smell and overall look. But I can never get enough lights on them. I can guarantee that my mom will come over this year and tell me that my tree does not have enough lights. But how many wires can one tree stand, right? 

If anyone has some tips for lighting a real tree I would love to hear them. I am also missing an entire box of decorations for it...has anyone seen them?

(After reading this I realized that I am a pretty lucky girl if all I have to worry about today is what my tree looks like.) 

Happy Birthday Maggie

We were at Honey and Papa's for Maggie's birthday. I can't believe we have already turned this corner. We had a great celebration complete with a Cinderella cake, crowns and tutus. For some reason the crowns were worn as masks. 

The Sunday before we had a pre-birthday celebration with Matt's family at his parents. We had a caterpillar cake that Maggie wasn't too fond of. It was actually the candles she didn't like. I am sure she was thinking, "What is wrong with my parents, they want me to put my face close to that fire and blow?." Kate was happy to blow them out for her.  Maggie got a tricycle, which she calls her "yittle bike". She can peddle backwards, but hasn't been able to peddle it forward yet.