Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Caved on the Kitty

We go to this pet shop where they always have kittens. People drop off the litters that they have instead of taking them to the shelter. We have to go there every couple of days to get food for Parker's bearded dragon. And every time we go Maggie asks for a kitten. And every time she had been told no. And she cried. She cried repeatedly at home every time she asked as well. Until last week. This kitty was in the pen looking so cute that I couldn't resist. Will and I took him home and Maggie came home from school and got a very big surprise.  She named him Rocky. So far he is great. Very friendly. Maggie reminds me of Olivia in those children's books. She carries him around over her shoulder and is constantly bugging him. He doesn't seem to mind. 

We are now at our threshold for pets. Dog...check, Cat...check, Lizard...check.

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