Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Maggie Turns 6

In November, Maggie had an "art" party for her 6th birthday.  The kids painted wooden forms of their choice and decorated door hangers, we opened gifts, had cupcakes and sugar cookie bars and beat on a piñata.  There was lots of running around in the backyard and six year old fun.  This was the first friend birthday party Maggie had ever had and she thought it was GREAT. 

Facts about Maggie at 6 years old:

1.  Maggie is a fantastic artist.  She has God given artistic talent. She loves to create and would rather be drawing, painting, cutting something up or creating something in general rather than doing anything else. 

2.  Maggie is a VERY picky eater.  She does not like very many things and is a hard child to feed. If it is a carb, she will eat it. But fruits and vegetables are hard to get her to swallow. Dinner usually ends in tears and she is always the last person to leave the counter after a meal. 

3. Maggie loves school. And especially her teacher Mrs. Macres.  Maggie has lots of confidence and does well in the learning as well as social aspects of school.  We had this conversation the other day.

Maggie: Mom, I think I am famous at school.
Me: Oh really? Why?
Maggie: Well, because when the kids have a question they almost always ask me and not the teacher.

Mrs. Macres loves her too and Maggie is loving her kindergarden.  

4.  Sometimes Maggie is so much like me, it's scary.

5. She LOVES to annoy her siblings. Getting a reaction out of anyone is very satisfying to her.  It's hilarious and obnoxious all at the same time.

6. When Maggie is given a task, and she is in the mood to be helpful, she is a perfectionist. 

7. Maggie loves the cat.  

8. Maggie really likes to have her arms and back tickled. She likes to cuddle.  She HATES having her hair done. 

9. Maggie is a girly girl. Makeup, nails, jewels, smelly anything, etc. She loves it. She is in a hurry to grow up. 

10.  Maggie knows who all the boys are at church. 

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